Pawel Mendrek is an artist, lecturer and researcher, currently living and working in Vienna and Katowice, where he completed his Post-Doctoral Degree and since 2017 he is an Associate Professor and Head of Intermedia and Stage Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts. His works are not about the thematization of reality, but rather about specific the thematization of interpretation of reality. In fact, he always try to portray the same thing. In his projects he stubbornly returns to the same topics, each time using a different type of saturation. He feels that he could rescue images in this way and would be able to bring out another dimension of that particular stories. The idea of bringing them out of this context into another context where they become something else, that’s kind of his goal. He works in mixed media drawing and acrylic painting with collage elements, mounted on canvas; photography and installation. He exhibits internationally including solo and group shows at Ariadne Gallery, Loft 8 Gallery in Vienna; Triangle & Cookhouse Gallery in London; Museum of Art, Taiwan; Kronika Gallery Bytom, Kunstraum B in Kiel and as well in the Mill & Short Gallery in San Francisco.

Recently he is also involved in collective projects. He was one of founders of the Travel Agency art collective, which is long time, nomadic project, composed of several threads revolving around the concept of strangeness and alienation, belonging to a place, emigration and embroiled identity. He works as curator of the Parallax project in cooperation with Chelsea College of Arts in London.