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With this publication, created within the Parallax project, we discuss issues concerning the role of the art academy and the educational processes it involves itself in. We cannot deny that the Academy changes according to the same rhythm of change as does our world, society, city, house and street. This rhythm also governs the transformation of the artist and art itself. There will be no ready-made answers, as the issues we have been discussing in principle belong to the domain of natural sciences, and are consequently subject to empirical observation and statistical analysis which can lend only limited credence to our conclusions. (…)
In keeping with the spirit of dialogue that the Parallax project embraces, this book sets up a discourse. As well as documenting the two exhibitions, at AFA Katowice in 2015 and Chelsea College of Arts in 2016, the 10 essays in this book are themselves a kind of conversation. Each essay, in one way or another, represents a response to the previous text. And each one is also designed to provoke a retort. Like the radically varying artworks which made up the exhibitions in Katowice and London, the discourses that the texts explore at times stay within a familiar form and, at others, jolt from historical fact to fantastical fiction. But running through each of the texts are a thread of fundamental questions about points of view, institutional change, social transformation and political upheaval.

Edited by:
Pawel Mendrek, Martin Newth

Dave Beech, Andrew Chesher, Ben Fitton, Katrine Hjelde, Dominika Kowynia, Roman Lewandowski, Maciej Linttner, Martin Newth, Malgorzata Szandala, Andrzej Tobis

Ben Fitton, Barbara Kubska, Pawel Mendrek, Martin Newth

Graphic design and typesetting by:
Katarzyna Wolny

Wojciech Pukocz, Wojciech Wlodarczyk

Translation by:
Lukasz Kansy

Published by:
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice & Chelsea College of Arts – University of the Arts London
ISBN 978-83-65825-08-7 (PL)
ISBN 978-1-5272-1680-8 (UK)

Printed by:
PETIT Sklad-Druk-Oprawa Wojciech Guz Wspólnicy, Lublin


Book online:
PARALLAX 2015-2017