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[ Community Care Laboratory, 18:29 ]

To create an art residency space within a social structure requires trust, openness and a lot of empathy, as well as the readiness to share one’s resources. All this makes it possible to realise the dream about a world where there is a balance between acceptance and separateness. This world offers authenticity, permanent changeability and constant transformation. Despite its permanency, residencies undergo a constant process of self-construction and transformation. Their character corresponds with the instability of artistic existence and determines the work of the artists.

We assumed that the film will be produced in remote mode, so the authors and producers didn’t meet during the production process in person.


Concept and realization: Pawel Mendrek | Bartosz Tobola | Ewa Zasada

Script: Pawel Mendrek | Ewa Zasada

Executive producer: Pawel Mendrek

Visual conceptualization: Bartosz Tobola | Fryderyk Potoczek

Scenography’s kind support: Katarzyna Sobanska | Marcel Slawinski

Editing by: Bartosz Tobola

Music and sound design by: Malgorzata Gulczynska

Kyoto Art Center Artists: J triangular/multimedia poet, artist and independent curator, Satoshi Kawata/artist, Soichiro Mihara/artist

Kyoto Art Centre Residencies Team: Mayumi Yamamoto/chief program director, Mami Katsuya/program director,
Noriko Mizuno/art coordinator, Kinari Toyama/art coordinator

Film shots from Kyoto Art Center’s residency project: The Instrument Builders Project Kyoto Circulating Echo (Caitlin Franzmann, Masamitsu Araki, Misbach Daeng Bilok, Natasha Tontey, Tomoko Momiyama, Yuya Tsukahara, Wukir Suryadi, Yoko Kawasaki, Mami Katsuya, Joel Stern, Kristi Monfries)

Film shots from Kyoto Art Center’s residency project: Rain in Kyoto Project by Philipp Dreber

Cinematographer: SongGi Kim

Videographer (film shots): Daisuke Hasegawa, Shunsuke Hiroi | Alessandro De Matis | Tsuyoshi Ishihara

U-jazdowski Artistic Residencies Team: Ika Sienkiewicz-Nowacka/curator, Head of the Artist Residencies Department |
Marianna Dobkowska/curator | Julia Harasimowicz/curator

U-jazdowski Artists and Residents: Noor Abed (Palestine)/artist | Pierre Corric (Belgium)/artist | Mirna Bamieh (Palestine)/artist

Film shots from study visits during residencies organized by U-jazdowski to: Chata wrażen, Podlasie; The Hansen’s House, Szumin; Activities by participants of the Re–Directing: East. Hospitality residencies and seminar with The Dido’s Blanket Centrala Designer’s Task Force: Malgorzata Kuciewicz and Simone de Iacobis (Poland)

Camera: Marta Wodz | Bartosz Tobola

Adam Mickiewicz Institute Production Team: Ewa Chwilczynska/Asia Programme Manager | Barbara Trojanowska | Malgorzata Miskowiec/coordinators, Emilia Sobczuk/communication | Pawel Nowacki and Rafal Poborczyk/technical suport

Academy of Fine Arts Production Team: Agnieszka Czardybon | Agata Cikala/coordinators | Miroslaw Rusecki and Magdalena Palupska/communication

Title sequence typography: Katarzyna Wolny-Grzadziel
Colour grading: Fryderyk Potoczek


Screenings: CSW U-jazdowski
A film supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute, the fund for maintenance and development of research potential of the Fine Arts Academy in Katowice and Kyoto Art Center film production, The Agency of Cultural Affair, Japan Government