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The Sampling Spaces project is a result of looking for such a form of expression that combines the graphic and the painting approach and at the same time reflects the contemporary elusiveness of events. I have chosen collage as the most suitable for the purpose. I am interested in a moment, not a process. Our perception changes with time. The multiplied image and the word are the key factors that have changed the perception of the world. New media such as television or the Internet have brought us to the point where interpretation is being replaced with manipulation. The syncretism in the perception of those parallel realities has resulted in art becoming synthesised into one, integrated whole. In the last decades there have appeared numerous new trends, where an image or activity are no longer autonomous, final products, but are treated as material for further experiments. Technologies simulate the reality so perfectly that art has ceased to produce illusions of things and started to annex them. The creation of meanings is an open process. By using the reality as a medium, we engage in the process of achieving thorough understanding and the very process becomes a source of new qualities.

Christofer Weiss, Lena Wichierkiewicz

Xanadu Gallery, Warsaw
Loft Acht Gallery, Vienna
Rondo Gallery, Katowice
Zbrojownia Gallery, Gdansk
Kunstraum B, Kiel
Balucka, The Municipal Art Gallery, Lodz
Za Szyba Gallery, Wroclaw
Flying Gallery Foundation, Warsaw
5P Gallery, Bern
Sienna Art Institute
Museum of Contemporary Art, Minsk