[ Solaris, 05:52 ]

The drowsiness of a detail saturated with light. The sound of the oozing whiteness of a hot day. It’s noon, one can hear the cracking sound of cold water protecting its diversity. The pain on opening one’s eyes, the humming of light that rushes under the eyelids. Dark – light, cold – warm. The vibration of light. A white & white day carried to the end of the world in our subconscious. A rough mixture of sun, light and time – it comes to me when close my eyes.


Concept and realization: Pawel Mendrek | Ewa Zasada
Performance: Ewa Zasada
Camera: Pawel Mendrek
Editing: Pawel Mendrek | Ewa Zasada
Colour grading: Pawel Mendrek | Ewa Zasada
Music: Sebastian Buczek / Altanova Records
Artistic supervisors: Jerzy Kucia | Richard Fajnor
Production: Pawel Mendrek
Producer: Caroline Fekete-Kaiser / KulturAXE Wien


Screenings: Municipal Museum, Zabrze
A film supported by Visegrad Founds