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The Intercity, Travel Agency edition was devoted to the existence of temporariness. We made an object – an island, a collage spatial form which was a symbolic model of Migingo Island in Lake Victoria. This was also a pretext for the collage to literally step out into the space. The temporary object corresponded with the plan of creating an exhibition based on found material, which would be at the same time the main element of the display. The model as impermanent architecture, an organically growing city or a quasi-city, a vivid, dynamic structure that undergoes constant transformation and symbolises the temporariness and fragility fo life. The object was built from layers of carton, tropical fruit packaging etc. and was something between an experimental, architectural model and temporary buildings. The work was supposed to refer directly to the temporary, cheap architecture such as favela – expanding districts of poverty on the outskirts of large cities.

Action Gallery, Warsaw