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The axis of the show is the film About in which young people from Chisinau speak about their visions of their home city in about 20 years. Despite the film’s spare form, the stories told by the characters, (mainly young girls), full of colours and scents, sound as a beautiful dream story with a wonderful happy ending. In the Blogosphere project I tried to capture the moment when the projections of our imaginations, including those about ourselves, become real. Do we think in the same way while reading a blog? Is what reaches us the same as the things on the other side?

The second part is a cycle of portraits. In the image, the most important boundaries between the past and the present, the reality and fantasy, the private and the public get blurred. The symbol of the continuity of the phenomenon are white images, washed out of colour and purified from identity, which not only blur the border line between a wall and an image, but also evoke feelings of being lost and of unification. The stories we hear in the background due to their repetitiveness sound oppressive and intrusive. The loop effect strengthens the impression of entrapment. The seeming lightness of the portraits and the sounds of conversations increase the effect of entanglement. We collect information not so much from the stories we hear, but from experiencing the event. The statements have the structure of hypertext. There is no established order. Each of them can be the first or the last.

On blogosphere in a few paragraphs.

On average every 30 seconds a new blog is published. Internet space can accommodate a lot. We can move up there our thoughts, feelings, dreams, knowledge. Syncretism phenomena assumes no rigid rules, except one: the memory. Thoughts thrown out there not disappear, maybe a little pale. Are falling in searching maschine stated below. On top Comes new, better positioned and fresher. Formed a kind of polyphony about human being, who we are, what we want, what we see, we know and how far reaches our perception. If the sound would be serving to all entries would be clamor or maybe just a simple murmur of everyday conversation?

Complete blogosphere not affect each other at all, but only in small parts, such micro relationships. Just touch each other lightly. For your own safety, we use own dentures, avatars, we have created specifically for this. However, the reality of existence, we can not deny it. Nickname hides an real man his emotions teeming beneath the blood under the skin. So maybe the blog is evolved over the Internet, or if you prefer new media safe area of interpersonal communication? Securely margin is large. You can always delete an entry, moderate comments, moreover, the same reading, listening is a voluntary act. And if the noise will become a clamor you can always log out and go for a walk. Let the clamor if he has to.

Strefa A Gallery, Cracow
Nord Art, Rendsburg, Germany

Project in cooperation with the German General Consulate in Cracow