Reconstruction of a construction. A diagram, as an art form, serves as the reconstruction of the semantic filed. The project by Ewa Zasada and Pawel Mendrek reconstructs a fragment of a dilapidated fountain in Chisinau (the location is not without significance), At the same time the elements of the installation, like conceptual sketches, propose particular ideas of reconstructions that could be made in certain places. For instance, one of the elements reconstructs a fragment of a dilapidated fountain in Chisinau (remnant of post soviet city – now capitol of Moldova). The element is made with soap and thus will dissolve with time and again reveal a certain lack. The soap form reconstructs the missing part not so much provisionally as temporarily. It fills a gap in the form — not just an aesthetic object, but on the symbolic level — in the system it represents. Persistence of systems, all of which have a touch of utopia „eroded” with time by the rapid current of life, proves momentary.

The same concept is revealed in the series of photographs documenting sandcastles being gradually destructed by the rising tide of the sea — the display is one of the elements of installation fitting the diagram. All seems to be suspended in the indefinite fragment of time. This is our understanding/proposal of unitext – like piece of work: visual reconstruction of the semantic field — from now till today. Under construction.

Lore Gabriel, Lesław Tetla, Vladimir Us

Loft Acht Gallery, Vienna
Natural History Museum of Moldova, Chisinau
Contemporary Art Centre, Sielecki Castle, Sosnowiec
Rondo Gallery, Katowice
Wilson Gallery, Katowice