In the Parallax project we discuss issues concerning the role of the art academy and the educational processes it involves itself in. We cannot deny that the Academy changes according to the same rhythm of change as does our world, society, city, house and street. This rhythm also governs the transformation of the artist and art itself. There will be no ready-made answers, as the issues we have been discussing in principle belong to the domain of natural sciences, and are consequently subject to empirical observation and statistical analysis which can lend only limited credence to our conclusions. [more]

Gill Addison, Dave Beech, Jo Bruton, Sebastian Buczek, Laura Carew, Ben Fitton, John Flindt, Grzegorz Handerek, Andrew Hart, Andy Hewitt, Katrine Hjelde, Serena Huang, Lukasz Jastrubczak, Robin Jenkins, Mel Jordan, Aga Jot, Lucy Joyce, Aram Khas, Pawel Mendrek, Merrett Houmøller Architects, Rafal Milach, Marianne Murray, Martin Newth, Marian Oslislo, Agnieszka Piotrowska-Jaworek, Colin Priest, Dominik Ritszel, Secondeditions, Anka Sielska, Martyn Simpson, Hanna Sitarz, Malgorzata Szandala, Leslaw Tetla, Andrzej Tobis, Chris Wainwright, Paulina Walczak-Handerek, Adam J B Walker, Polly Welsby, Ken Wilder, Joshua Y’Barbo, Ewa Zasada, Joanna Zdzienicka

Triangle & Cookhouse Gallery, Chelsea College of Art, London
NEW ASP Gallery, Katowice


Parallax 2015-2017, book edited by Pawel Mendrek and Martin Newth, graphic design and typesetting by Katarzyna Wolny

Parallax book online: