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Space as a Tool for Shaping Social Attitudes was a project carried out for the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in cooperation with Leslaw Tetla. The two – year international project concentrated on the subjective definition of the border line between the public and private space. The project was realised mostly in Moldova, in cooperation with the Oberlicht organisation from Chisinau, the School of Fine Arts from Grenoble and the MitOst organisation from Berlin.

The outcomes of the project include Chiosc/Kiosk, group exhibition at the Rondo Gallery in Katowice, artists-in-residence in Chisinau, creative workshops for Schusev’s school in Chisinau and a group show at the Natural History Museum of Moldova realised for the Tandem’s European Culture Festival. In 2014 SPACE as a tool, a group final exhibition in the Contemporary Art Centre, Sielecki Castle, Sosnowiec. Project coordinated by Leslaw Tetla and Pawel Mendrek.

Mateusz Hejman, Aleksandra Ignasiak, Monika Kopanska, Anna Krzton, Barbara Kubska, Adam Loska, Izabela Leska, Maja Maciejko, Daria Malicka, Lukasz Obalek, Magdalena Partyka, Katarzyna Pikula, Agnieszka Piotrowska, Dominik Ritszel, Dobroslawa Ruranska, Hanna Sitarz, Bartek Skrzyczek, Paulina Stargala, Mikołaj Szpaczynski, Leslaw Tetla, Sandra Trela, Joanna Wiater, Adam Wojcicki, Joanna Zdzienicka, Erwina Ziomkowska

Lore Gabriel, Lesław Tetla, Vladimir Us

Natural History Museum of Moldova, Chisinau
Contemporary Art Centre, Sielecki Castle, Sosnowiec
Rondo Gallery, Katowice