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This multi – element works will deal with the theme of Utopia, or rather utopias in general and utopian thinking, suspended between the public sphere and privacy – combined with a slightly futuristic vision of the world. Displays the relations between its elements on the metaphorical level. Persistence of systems, all of which have a touch of utopia „eroded” with time by the rapid current of life, proves momentary. In the words of Zygmunt Bauman, u-via replaces u-topia, and the temporality of the proposed reconstruction is, in fact, „the collapse of long-term thinking”.
All seems to be suspended in the indefinite fragment of time. Whatever else it does, travel narrative marks Utopia as irredeemably other and thus formally, or virtually by definition, impossible of realization: it thus reinforces Utopia’s constitutive secessionism, a withdrawal or „delinking” from the empirical and historical world (…). Frederic Jameson.

Carmelo Arcoraci, Ilona Gajda, Magdalena Kreis, Lorenzo Chinnici, Tomas Langunavicius, Sonia Monti, Tomasz Wendland, Anna Savage, Catalina Aranguren, Juliette McCullough, Rossella Savarese

7th Mediations Biennale, Warsaw
Sonia Monti Gallery, Paris
The Holy Art Gallery, London
1st International Photography IAVPOA Biennale, Kaunas, Lithuania
Arroz Estudios, Lisboa
SyArt Sorrento Festival, Italy
Schoen’s Palace, Contemporary Art Gallery, Sosnowiec
BWA Contemporary Art Gallery Katowice

Permanent display in public spaces:
Immortal Art, Meri/Sicily, Italy

Grimoire, #4

Project supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Warsaw