One may become overwhelmed by surfeit. In a symbolic way, the Amor Vacui exhibition relates to the human need for decoration. Geometry has allowed us to make the world familiar and to record the sequences of states, aggregating the visions created by successive generations. To understand the identity of a placeone needs to look closely at the details of events and their monuments. Carefully planned details, accumulating one after another and coexisting in the geometrical forest – a painstakingly designed detail, decoration – this is what is going to remain afterus. It is, however, this episodic character that furnishes us with the knowledge that cannot be derived from patterns – it allows us to see how the residents live, think and act – what provokes laughter and what inspires dislike.

Pusta Gallery, Katowice

The project was developed as part of the Mobil Art Lab research project supported by the statutory activity funds of the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice