We are living in a restless world, torn by a refugee crisis, in a world where the dialogue is being constantly interrupted and which – perhaps more than ever – urgently needs consensus and the reactivation (of/and) connection. The Connect Project is an outcome of year-long international cooperation between two academic centres – the Chelsea College of Arts in London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice. The project’s curators Oxana Smirnova and Pawel Mendrek facilitated the creation of 14 unique Polish-British collectives within their home universities and posed to them the challenge to look for cultural ties, media links and social connections. [more]

Project was presented in:
London, PLY Gallery, London
Katowice, Rondo Gallery, Katowice


Image: Connect:Katowice, exhibition view, artwork Moon’s Milk by Adam Zoltowski

Text: Roman Lewandowski